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Graduate Assistant

Company NameUniversity of Hartford Mens Basketball Team
Dates EmployedAug 2017 – Present
Employment Duration1 yr 8 mos
A. Assisted in player development on an individual and team basis.
B. Informed student athletes of their responsibilities, duties, and roles.
C. Coordinated and participated in practice and fitness sessions.
D. Assisted head coach with coaching, recruiting, scouting, and practices.
E. Performed game day duties as assigned.
F. Assisted with organizational planning for road trips.
G. Assisted as video coordinator to help coaching staff scout and player develop.

Student Manager

Company NameUniversit of Hartford Men’s Basketball Team
Dates EmployedAug 2016 – Aug 2017
Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
LocationHartford, Connecticut Area
Provided equipment needed to run and complete practices.
Prepared bench area and coaching staff before each game.
Transported all equipment on the road for away games.
Assisted with player workouts, including passing and rebounding for players during on court drills.

New York Knicks Contributor

Dates EmployedJul 2015 – Aug 2015
Employment Duration2 mos
LocationGreater New York City Area
I contribute articles to the New York Knicks’ page which is currently ranked as the 71st most popular site in America, according to


University of Hartford
University of Hartford
Degree NameMaster’s degree Field Of StudyCommunication, General
Dates attended or expected graduation 2017 – 2019

University of Hartford

Degree NameBachelor’s Degree Field Of StudyCommunication, Journalism, and Related Programs GradeFreshman
Dates attended or expected graduation 2013 – 2017

Activities and Societies: Contributor of “The Informer” Newspaper Social Media Manager for the Hartford Basketball Team
“The Informer” is an on campus newspaper for the University of Hartford. I contributed to the sports section.

I left the Informer to take another position with the University of Hartford’s basketball team as the Social Media Manager.

Sports Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon, USA
Field Of StudyBaseball Management GradeBaseball GM & Scouting, Certificate, 2015
Dates attended or expected graduation 2015 – 2015

Training included: MLB collective bargaining agreement, sabermetrics, MLB scouting techniques, scouting reports, draft analysis, player evaluation, MLB general manager practices and statistical analysis formulas. (Mentored by MLB scout Larry D’Amato & Former LA Dodgers GM and current Pacific Rim Scout for Toronto Blue Jays, Dan Evans)

Reference: Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President, Sports Management Worldwide, 503-445-7105

Hillyer College at the University of Hartford

Degree NameAssociate’s Degree Field Of StudyLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies GradeCumaltive GPA of 2.83 (in between a B- and B range)
Dates attended or expected graduation 2013 – 2015

Activities and Societies: During the first semester of my sophomore year, I was the Sports Editor of the College Newspaper. I am now the Social Media Manager for the Hartford Basketball team.
I completed 61 credits to graduate out of Hillyer College at the University of Hartford. I concluded with a GPA of 2.83 and will now move ahead into the Communications Program at the University of Hartford looking to achieve my Bachelor’s degree in two more years.

Licenses & Certifications

Sports Management Worldwide
SMWW Baseball General Management and Scouting Class Certification
Issuing authoritySports Management Worldwide

Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or licenseIssued May 2015No Expiration Date

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