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ABulk Review – Brutal Force Versus Anadrol Steroid

ABulk Review – Legal Anadrol pills for sale without any side effects.

What is Anadrol used for? Of course, for the building of massive muscle mass and strength that you never have imagined.

Anadrol tablets or Anadrol steroid is used by men and women to promote muscle growth at a faster speed.

You may be thinking why are we describing Anadrol steroid because we have something that might be helpful re-tracking its legal version.

ABulk as we know is becoming the most popular legal version of Anadrol which is chemically also called Oxymetholone.

What is ABulk?

ABulk is the creative formula by Brutal Force which claims it might be the greatest alternative to Anadrol steroid.

ABulk - Oxymetholone steroid alternatives

ABulk is a vital tool for bodybuilders that improves recovery time and helps them achieve personal goals. Ladies and gentlemen, everyone can use Anadrol if it’s about gaining muscle mass with a speedy recovery.

It is quite certain that legal steroids contain plant-based compounds which are the stronger source for proteins, vitamins, and minerals which involves in the RBC production.

To get more oxygen supply, ABulk is designed to maintain RBC levels in the muscles that make you work out for longer, longer than your normal workout session time.

What are ABulk Ingredients and How Do They Work

ABulk isn’t an illegal steroid but legal in every aspect.

The ingredients are chosen by the Brutal Force itself that provide several benefits when taken in a combination.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

In many regions of the world, the cultivation of Tribulus Terrestris is progressing, after knowing it has a significant effect on testosterone levels. This is the hormone that makes you stronger physically and performs for as long as you want. In Tribulus, the main component is the Protodioscin which is a potent steroidal compound, only derived from the plant source. Higher testosterone levels with an increased rate of muscle mass formation are what men get from ABulk. [1]

  • Soy Protein Isolate

One of the well-known plant proteins, the combination of Soy in ABulk makes it an incredible protein booster in men. Amongst many plants, Soy is the limited type of herb that comes with a pure protein source that has the real power to produce muscle mass. The isolate is also packed with different types of amino acids which aids the body for maximum physical force. To decrease the LDL levels, Soy Protein Isolate has a kind pattern to make it work.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

ABulk comes with 200mg of Whey Protein Concentrate, this is 100% protein and an all-time favorite of any bodybuilder. Whey Protein Complex builds up the nitrogen in your system that also stimulates the Insulin Growth Factor. When you exercise, the compound makes sure you are only losing the retained fats and not muscle mass. Most importantly, it is the maximum number of a protein involved in your muscles as building blocks. Whey Protein comes with loads of BCCA’s such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine which gets you all the 9 amino acids. This doesn’t come with lactose and most of it is protein, like 80%. [2]

  • Shilajit Concentrate

Shilajit dosage for testosterone is considered mandatory for muscle building. In ABulk, Brutal Force applied a 4:1 ratio of 100mg of Shilajit concentrate which improves the muscle recovery process and provides anti-inflammatory effects. It is very rich in minerals and maintains the healthy status of fatty acids. Shilajit is a precognitive agent that has a wide array of benefits such as increased healing and endurance, improve sleep cycle, and hormonal balance.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Obtained from the amino acid called L-Carnitine which is important for brain functions. ABulk reduces muscle fatigue following a workout session which is mainly because of the low amount of energy. In studies by the US institute, the function of L-Carnitine involves boosting energy so bodybuilders don’t have to experience muscle fatigue. [3]

Anadrol Cycle vs ABulk Benefits at the End of Cycle

Anadrol-50 (Oxymetholone)

At the end of the Anadrol cycle, most users found their appetite has increased greatly due to which they eat more.

Anadrol is taken at the beginning of the cycle and users ought to see the bigger gains somewhere between 10-12 weeks.

The reason why Anadrol users eat excessively is the reason for the bigger muscle gains, not just eating but they consume a large portion of protein meals which allows them to have a more muscular physique.

Another fact about the Anadrol cycle is some users found 30 pounds of muscle mass in just a month after using this steroid.

Water retention is the problem that Anadrol steroid cannot fix for which other forms of steroids are taken.

ABulk cycle results are not exaggerated and thankfully provided with honesty.

The users of ABulk won’t be needing any injections at first, the easy to take legal steroid will give you 10 pounds of lean muscle mass in the first month.

Now, this will also depend on the intake of your diet and how hard you put those efforts at the gym.

Users of ABulk also feels an impressive amount of energy rushing in their body to make the pumping skills better and a lot improved.

Are There Side Effects of ABulk?

Brutal Force guides its users to take their legal steroids in a way to avoid the side effects.

Anadrol Oxymetholone anabolic steroid side effects

The supreme Anadrol got so many side effects in past but the legal companion like ABulk comes without the side effects.

ABulk users don’t have to worry about the bodybuilding side effects, also they don’t have to raise any concerns for Post Cycle Therapy which is the treatment only recommended once you have done the steroid cycle.

These two benefits for some users are the exceptional ones, esp those who have been using steroids for years.

Anadrol at the end of the cycle begins to raise the levels of estrogen in men which increases the risks of Gynecomastia.

This in turn causes massive water retention in the user to which PCT is recommended.

ABulk is different than Anadrol in many ways, the product only mimics Oxymetholone but has no harsh results incoming.

ABulk Vs Anadrol Benefits

ABulk is profoundly used in the bodybuilding community by those who have issues with performance and physical enhancement.

ABulk benefits are reported by the company and online users.

These are:

  • High-quality gains and unlimited stamina
  • Fast muscle gains
  • Rapid recovery time to avoid muscle fatigue
  • Get gains at the start of the new cycle
  • Increase oxygen flow to the muscle overcome tiredness
  • No injections, easy to take

Whereas, Anadrol cycle results, or shall we say benefits are given below.

  • Gains that occurs late but are denser
  • Increase appetite in the users to eat more for fuel to the gains
  • Boost RBC production for muscle growth and strength
  • Bulkier gains in users at the beginning of a bulking cycle
How Much ABulk Cost?
A Bulk Brutal force legal steroids

When comparing the cost of Brutal Force’s ABulk from the steroid Anadrol, it’s apparent that Anadrol is a way expensive steroid that is not available for common or personal use.

You have to become the patient for a seriously ill disease to acquire this anabolic steroid.

Doing Anadrol 12 weeks’ cycle will cost you thousands of dollars, whereas ABulk 12 weeks’ cycle supplements will only cost you $110.

The complete pricing list is mentioned on the Brutal Force official website.

Is ABulk Safe?

According to the users, reviews in different sites, and the manufacturer of ABulk, it is 100% safe for newbies and professional bodybuilders who lack muscle mass.

The formula of ABulk is merely composed of natural ingredients that have no complicating risks for kidneys, liver, or the heart.

The formula of ABulk comes with no chemicals or artificial hormones that may be functioning side by side with the natural ingredients.

Where I Can Buy ABulk?

Buy Anadrol legal steroids

ABulk is only available on the Brutal Force webpage, this website deal with other noticeable alternatives to anabolic steroids, and their prices are way less than anabolic steroids.

For the users, our advice not to buy it from GNC or Amazon because they are not allowed to sell ABulk.

Final Verdict

Bodybuilding is an art and this is the only art that you can rush by using bodybuilding supplements.

Using illegal steroids only means you are destroying the entire creation just for maximum gains which are not going to stay permanently.

Natural steroids are the future of bodybuilding as many fitness experts suggest.

ABulk gives you a legal, natural, and safe formula that has been regarded as the potential legal steroid for Bulking Cycle.

In 2020, the ranking of ABulk beats the highly ranked Anadrol alternative Anvarol.

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